How To Stop Call Of Duty: Black Ops From Running Slow In Multiplayer - Speed Up Tutorial For Your PC

Published: 14th July 2011
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Call Of Duty Black Ops might be the latest version of this excellent game, but has one big problem in the form it running slow. If you run COD: Black Ops in multiplayer you will find that it's running very slow so you need be able to fix any of the problems which could be cause of the problem, and making you look like an amateur! This problem is a huge issue which is caused by a number of bugs. The good news is that you can repair the problem with COD: Black Ops low-speed by using the tips mentioned in this article. Here's how...

Why Does Call Of Duty Black Ops Run Slow When Playing Multiplayer?

There are a number of reasons why any game will run slow in MP mode, which are common in many other games. The best way to make sure that COD: Black Ops run smooth is to ensure that any potential problem is correct.

There are only few problems that can cause this game to run slow in Multiplayer mode. There include this reason:

Your Internet bandwidth speed is very limited Too many background programs is to active so they consume a lot of resources Your installation of Windows or Game is not configured correctly

How To Fix COD: Black Ops Slow Speed Problems.

The first step to fix the Call Of Duty Black speed problems is to make sure that you have a proper Internet speed on your computer. Check all of your connections to make sure that you don't have one that is loose or completely unplugged. Slow network speed can quickly be caused by a loose or faulty connection so it is important that you check all the connections from your modem all the way to your computer.Check your home network equipment in general. If you have multiple computers sharing a connection, make sure all the computers are physically connected to a router or switch, and not just to a hub. Hubs are "dumb", low-level equipment, while routers are capable of prioritizing and directing traffic effectively.

The second step is to ensure that there are no active applications in the background of your computer which may taking up limited Internet bandwidth. If you have any software running on your system, you must close it to ensure that COD has all the Internet resources on their disposal. This should also go for any network computer you have.

The third step to make your game run smooth is to make sure that COD: Black Ops is installed and configured correctly. To do this, you should re-install COD: Black Ops on your PC, to replace all the files that have been cause of the problem. This will not only allow the game be more fluid, but will also ensure that your computer has all the correct files required to run it.

Finally, I recommended you to clean unused registry files on your computer. This is a main database of all the settings and options that your computer will use to run, and is what your Operating System continually uses to help it process all the settings it requires. Unfortunately, playing COD will actually use more than 1,000's of registry files settings on your computer, and will typically lead your computer to again run large number of these files, making them damaged and corrupted. To fix this problem, it's recommended that you download and use a registry cleaner software to scan through your computer and repair any of the problems that your system may have with its registry settings - allowing it to run more fluid again as a result.

You can make Black Ops run faster by using the tools and tutorial on my website. You can click here to make Call Of Duty Black Ops run faster on your PC.

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